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Thread: I watt Laser Projector? New sorce? STRAY LASER.

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    Cool I watt Laser Projector? New sorce? STRAY LASER.

    Hi Guys: Just thought I would pass this one on to you in the group. This source just sent me this lead from. I know China. But ????? check out what they are selling and is it as bad as laseworld? or there source? I am not indorsing this Co. just passing it on for your judgment? Or did I post this in the wrong place?
    here is the link::
    I trust Aliexpress and have bought from there they even refunded my money back so they seem good. Good luck and Enjoy. JH

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    Dunno, but it can't be 1 watt AND class 3b...
    Frikkin Lasers

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    Item specifics

    Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)
    Brand Name:Staray
    Model Number:A-1000G 1watts Professiona...
    Laser color:Green
    Certificate:CE &FDA&RoHS
    Laser Class:3BLaser
    Power:1 watt
    Power Supply:AC 110/220v 50-60HZ
    Rating Power:60W
    Work Enviroment:10-35C Indoor
    Cooling System:Air cooling
    Product Size:480*330*150mm
    Model:A-1000G 1 watt Profession...
    Interesting they state it is certified... kinda.
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    Less than impressed with the quality of the text.

    Looks to me either cheap scanners or poorly tuned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by White-Light View Post
    Looks to me either cheap scanners or poorly tuned.
    I like badly tuned:

    And I do like cheap hoes...

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    Same cheap components, different name. Absolutely not certified. Every month there is a new place with the same problems, they go out of business and someone else enters the fray with new marketing to address the problems of the last company.

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    i REALLY wish this crap would just go away!! i would rather see you guys here build some systems and sell

    them over here than the chinese (or ANY other foreign manufacturer) sell SHIT systems and outright LIE

    about their safety standards and/or "certification" status!

    there are rules and regulations here for a reason. plain and simple. whether we like it or not. Granted,

    they are not working in our favor right now, but for christs sakes i bust my ASS (along with many other

    laserists) to at least ATTEMPT to do things by regulations.

    Then along comes ching wang won ton on a DAILY basis selling quite literally, SH*T and make a few quick

    bucks then disappear. its pathetic.

    Look- i understand not everyone who gets into lasers has a $10,000+ budget. But i get REALLY pissed off

    when these products show up and HIGHLY devalue and demoralize what should be a specialized market.

    Look at X-Lasers, (and please x-lasers, im *NOT* saying any of this in a derogatory manner...) they don't claim to be an "Arctos" Type of laser system manufacturer. They sell QUALITY, *SAFE* and certified laser systems which are much more "budget friendly" than say systems i sell, or KVANT systems. They don't claim to be anything that they are not. Plain and simple. I see and get about 786 emails a day from every chinese company under the sun (actually i think one of the companies was called "under the sun" lol) claiming to sell these "awesome," "top of the line," "worlds best," "top notch," crazy awesome Laser systems. And they *ALL* are nothing but CRAP. crap enclosures, with crap optics glued together, with crap scanning systems controlled by (usually) crap integrated software that says "Happy Happy" and "Welcome" with a dinosaur dancing.

    CRAP. they're toys. Plain and simple. and advertising them and/or marketing them as anything but CRAP and TOYS is pathetic!

    Kia makes a car with an engine in it and a transmission in it. So it *MUST* be the same as a race car from NASCAR right? i mean it has an engine, it has some electricity running through it, it has a transmission. Its GOTTA be the same!?!?!

    Its just like Wicked lasers. I would have 500% more respect for companies if they would just market themselves as EXACTLY what they are. Wicked- You are a laser *POINTER* manufacturer. PERIOD!!! Nothing more, Nothing Less.

    Ching Wang Won Ton Lasers- You make CRAP Lasers that ARE NOT certified. Not even remotely close to certified. You never have. You never will. There are AMERICAN companies (Huge, established, well known AMERICAN COMPANIES) that can not get a product report looked at, approved, even acknowledged for approximately 1-2 years (if not more). Do you *REALLY* think they are approving YOUR lasers hot glued together in a toaster oven enclosure?


    Oh, and by the way- an Accession # for a product report submission IS NOT an "Approved" Laser System!


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    Default lol

    Ching wang won ton ! LOL

    Click image for larger version. 

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    i have bought from staray before, when i have problems with a laser in the warranty period they do not reply anymore....

    so i would say it is a no go.

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