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Thread: 400mW RED Prototype

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    Default 400mW RED Prototype

    Its far from finished.. but here's a Peek

    780 cube just for handling and parts placement
    Note... TEC chip .. Yes.. these are going to be cooled to 650nm !!!


    Dont do this at home ... Use Protection !!!
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    OMG... i WANT ONE NOW!!! LOL

    HERE, Heres $500 bucks.. Take it , please!! LOL

    Seriously, that looks great.. Looks like what i really need...

    How about analog modulation? how will that work witht he 2 lasers??

    What do you expect a price to be?

    What is your time frame for "THE BEAST" ?

    What is the actualy output of the 2 lasers? 400mw or a bit lower? Higher?

    I knew you knew these questions were coming.!

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    Hi Chuck & Max,

    I want one too, make that analogue, double, double ,to go please !....
    How is the beam size and quality ?

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    Thats sweet. Just love to see these things.
    You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!

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    Thanks Guys..
    Its a nice tease isnt it !!!

    We've got a ways to go yet.. As you can see.

    First... we need more materials to build the boxes.
    Im trying to decide on the baseplate finish and dimensions as well
    looks right now to be 4" long x 3.75" wide of .25 inch milled aluminum.
    With holes in the right places to fit breadboards.... 1" centers.

    More peltiers,.. right now were experimenting on several to determine the best efficient one's.
    More beamsplitter cubes.. tuff to find cheap. we just have a few to play with for now.

    The beam and spot seem nice enough for shows.
    Being orthomode polarity the beam is larger..altho not measured yet , its on par with what we were expecting.
    The spot now has two lines , making a ( + ) instead of a single line. Still its very dim compared to the bright spot.
    But just as noticable as the single diode modules are so were not worried about that.. It could be masked out at the users discretion.
    We also need to work out a better mount for the BS cube thats stable ..
    Right now using round flats for support with epoxy.
    The TEC driver is really working out guesswork here..
    Altho the diode drivers has been designed , one for analog and another for TTL both use different op-amps.
    This time I've come up better analog and TTL designs..did some math.
    hard work and the most time consuming task.
    Analog--nice 0 to 5volt response. TTL - beam is totally turned off.
    The proof will be in the testing to see how fast they blank.
    I need to do some capacitor juggling.

    After we get a few built we will know what the costs are.. basically, its all in the materials, just cant guess at it for now.
    Im guessing the first few wont be cheap as most of the parts except the diodes were bought in single quantities..

    We are trying for cheap but not cutting quality.. Its no Arctos but hopefully a cheaper solution!!!

    Were just going to make a few to see if its feasable...
    And to see if it can be done !!!
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    Cool! I'm still working on combining the 2 200mW modules I got from you. Simplest solution I can come up with has both lasers pointing in the same direction with the cube on a kinematic mount in front of one of the lasers and a 3 screw kinematic mirror mount to aim the other laser into the cube. This is simpler than my original design which had one laser on a tilt platform in order to get both beams exactly parallel. I guess Arctos just gets everything lined up and glues them in position, but I'm not yet comfortable not being able to fine tune the alignment after assembly.

    How are your temperature / wavelength tuning experiments going? When I cooled the 170mw module I had, I didn't see much wavelength shift. If the coefficient is 0.3nm/C (and it's probably less), going from 660nm to 650 means dropping the temperature at least 30C which is below freezing so you have condensation and even ice to worry about. Still, if you can pull it off the apparent brightness should go up about 75%!

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    aaaw that is sweet

    I really loved ho have one of that mean setup

    But to be real.... I think you must check the marked about prices on 200-400mW red lasers ...
    So you dont start building a setup that will cost double of a 400mW from other dealers :roll:

    When I search for laser i search for the cheapest one...
    But my first choise is to buy from you as i KNOW i will have nice custom support

    BTW: I got 2 peltier elements here that I dont use !
    It`s one big, and one smaller..

    Actually the smallest one is the best one (can freeze water) it was taken out of a cheap cheap cooling bag to use in a car

    And the other one i have was ment to cool a CPU !

    But I do not use my TEC, so if you want them ? (let me know)
    I will give them to you.....

    (and maybe that will give me a better deal when i buy it back one day with 2 modules) :roll: :roll: :roll:


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    Can you share your modulation schematics when you have done them ?
    I will be happy to look them .

    and nice setup, i dream to have the same.

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    Default Analog modulation circuit schematic

    I'll second that request for schematics of your modulation circuit. I've been twiddling with a few designs here on a breadboard, more for my own amusement than anything else, but I haven't beet all that sucessful. (Nothing good enough to even try hooking a diode to yet - still too spikey on the 'scope... Don't want to waste a perfectly good diode on these pre-alpha designs!)

    But if you've got some schematics, I'd really like to have a look at them and see what you've come up with. (And I'm sure others here would likewise be interested...)


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    junktronix: arctos don't glue their stuff down - it's all lined up with these super fine adjust mounts. Ours has gone out of alignment a few times - we found out that our 10mm baseplate wasn't exactly flat as when we bolted down the arctos it would go out of alignment.

    We've also found heat causes alignment issues.
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