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Thread: 60W 5v 12v -5v power supplies

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    Default 60W 5v 12v -5v power supplies

    ive got 20 mean well switching power supplies with mulitiple voltage outputs(5v, 12v, -5V). they were aquired from an auction at the local sony plant b/c it closed a couple months ago. ive got about 20 of them and they all are still in the box in perfect condition. they might make great power supplies for a laser or other show related stuff.

    23$ each shipped priority in the US and international folks will have to pm me for specific shipping.

    just some info for intl folks.. the absolute cheapest method is usps first class package and will probably start out about 10$ and go up for every psu you want so keep this in mind..

    Mean Well T-60-A - T-60-A
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