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    Just got back an Omnichrome 643 ar/kr laser after Evergreen rebuilt it.
    The people at Evergreen were very professional and extremely helpful!
    They did a great job on the rebuild and this little single phase aircooled whitelight laser is now speced at 230mw @ 8A. With 10A who knows? 300mw? (All I done so far is fire it up after unpacking. Lased w/o any optic tweaking.)
    Goes great with my 543 Argon (>650+mw @ 10A). But back to the subject.
    I have nothing but the highest praise for Evergreen Laser for their outstanding service and workmanship!

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    Hi Max!

    If you don't mind my asking... How much did you pay to have that tube regassed?

    The reason I ask is that I've often considered the merits of whitelighting a small air-cooled argon tube. I understand the risks associated with cataphoresis and all, but assuming that you had a straight bore power tube of sufficient diameter, I wonder what it would cost to swap the optics and re-fill the tube with a Kr-Ar mix...

    Several people on alt.lasers have said that it's not cost effective to re-gas small air-cooled tubes, period. Yet I keep reading about people that have it done and are thrilled with the results. Thus, I'm starting to get skeptical about the "not cost effective" part!


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