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Thread: Laserwave green question

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    Default Laserwave green question

    After reading a few of Tocket's posts about stable greens, I am a bit weary. I was looking at the Laserwaves on Dave's site. Has anyone had any bad experiences with 532nm Laserwaves? The current greenie I have now has a horrible divergence. At about 10 meters, we are looking at a spot that is a tad bit large than a US Quater. It is huge. Completely unacceptable in my RGB build. The 200mW Laserwave has pretty good specs but, I am curious about modulation. It sounds like finding a really good budget green boils down to the modulation ability of the unit. I know that greens are easy to come by pretty cheaply, but modulating them brings out the true quality. To make a long question short; how does the Laserwave stack up?
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