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    Default PF-115 Laser Scanner

    Hi all,

    I知 looking for thoughts and comments on the PF-115 laser scanner from PF-lighting. I知 hoping to use this scanner as an entry level platform so I can upgrade as wanted / needed. I致e seen that others have had good luck with the PF-114 so I知 thinking I may get similar results with its big brother. All the spec痴 and the picture below came via email from the company.

    PF115 1W RGB

    Red 650nm 500mW
    Green 532nm 200mW
    Blue 450nm 300mW
    Analog or TTL modulation
    25Kpps scanners
    Price: $650
    Shipping to Canada via DHL: $150

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My comments and questions:

    I have found no posts about people metering their PF lasers so I知 not sure how this company stacks up. I知 assuming laser modules are probably under spec.
    I was quoted the choice of analog or TTL at the same price. I thought analog modules usually cost more?
    I was also quoted that the galvos are 25k. Most people have reported 10-15k galvos in their PF scanners so I知 assuming nothing has changed. I知 more interested in beams then graphics so I may be able to live with crappy scanners. This is also a reason for going with the PF-115 over the 114.
    In the picture it looks like a 472mn blue module so I think this might be a previous version/model. It looks like the case leaves lots of room for upgrading.
    Correct me if I知 wrong but in the picture I also noticed that the scanner drivers, dmx controller and idla breakout board (correct term???) are all integrated. If I want to replace the old scanners and remove their drivers I would have to replace the other parts as well?

    Anyways, I hope to hear your comments on this scanner. Please let me know why you think its good beam for the buck or a waste of time and money.


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    The old PF-115 had a 473nm blue module, which made it more expensive and less powerful for the money.

    The switch to 445nm means you can get more blue power out of the unit if you want to (the 445nm diodes can make up to a Watt) and there's very little you can go wrong with on these units. Analog modules are just as complicated (and therefore expensive) as TTL's, so if you have the choice, go for analog. That way, the blue and green are pretty much sorted for the long run.

    If you want to build your own RGB, the collection of parts you need (modules, dichros, scanners) is more than the price of one of these brand new, and they're pretty straightforward to upgrade later.

    As an entry level platform, you should have no problem learning the ropes on these things and get the hang of things like aligning dichros. Take the unit to show, and use your show income from the following few gigs to finance some good projector upgrades.

    The first thing you will want is a better scanner system, DT30 or DT30wide should be very suitable.

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    judging from the picture, it looks like a very good projector for the money.

    no parts glues in place, actualy adjustable dichro mounts, looks promising! an immediate upgrade could be dust filters for the fans and air intakes. maybe some safety features as well, depending on usage. and in the long run, a better set of galvos.

    but you look pretty much sorted to me. nice one!
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