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Thread: 532 module 1.5 - 2W opinions?

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    Default 532 module 1.5 - 2W opinions?

    So, who owns any 532nm heads in the 1.5 to 2W range? Who makes them, what do you think of them? Any issues?

    Please provide your thoughts/feedback to assist a potential purchasing decision
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    I have a laserwave 1.5 watt I am happy with. About 500 hrs and still over spec power. Have used it from 30-100 deg F with no problems. Modulates well.

    Has low input Z, but I think the newer models have fixed that.

    Would buy another one for sure.

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    I have a 1W laserwave thats doing >1.5W... works great, has good modulation considering... small driver (regular laserwave one) and runs off 5V

    have a 1W ViaShow doing >1.5W... really, really loud, runs hot, and driver needs +5 and +12v so makes it a bit more difficult

    have a 1.8W lambda pro, huge beam, stupidly loud fans, giant power supply... one I have is TTL only so thats also lame

    have a MellesGriot doing 2.4W... beam is beautiful, really thin, by far the thinnest of the bunch, makes for some great atmospherics, but has basically no usable modulation, head and power supply are huge

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