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    Default ebay laser

    No pics of it lasing,
    it is a 150 p/s & head housing
    only mentions argon colors in listing?
    BUT it does have a brand new bulb! :lol:

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    Default Questionable E-bay laser auction

    Hi Max!

    Yeah, I posted a message to alt.lasers about that listing. I couldn't believe it when I read the title and it said it had a new "bulb".... What a looser!

    I did send the seller a message via e-bay asking for more info. No reply yet. (What a surprise!)


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    A single picture of it operating would suffice... its not like he "doesnt have a power supply" like other sellers on ebay try to pull, ITS RIGHT THERE.

    Maybe hes blind... I hear too much laser fun will do that.

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