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Thread: Who would like to meet Dr. Sam Goldwasser at SELEM?

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    Default Who would like to meet Dr. Sam Goldwasser at SELEM?

    Sorry to announce this...but.. as it stands now we may have to try next year to have Dr Sam at SELEM- we no longer have his ride from Philly to the event confirmed- with about 10 days to go if no one steps up I will have to let Sam know by next Wed. that it is a no-go. Thats a shame - I was looking fwd to his presentation.
    This thread and all the posts helped greatly in getting Sam to SELEM 5.

    So even if you cannot attend this year please post anyway.

    While Sam is not active on forums he will be reading this thread.

    He was happy to give advice last year and if you bring any item for him to help troubleshoot do so.

    Check Sams Classified Ads for anything youwould like to see in person and maybe buy from Sam. ( sorry he cannot bring any large frame water cooled monsters---lol)

    Last year he brought a few nice green and yellow HeNes... PM me if you need his email addy(its at his site too). btw he has a lot of items not listed for sale so he can try to bring anything he has (if he can find them--lol)

    ************************************************** *******

    From last year-- see the newest posts concerning Sam & SELEM 6 2012.

    -Looks like everything is in place to have Sam at SELEM - As he will be arriving the nite before me--WED, we still need somebody who has a spot for Sam to bunk just that one nite only to contact Brad or myself. Platinum has offered to sleep on the floor but I think others may have a spot without sacrafice.
    Also if any are incline to help in other ways we could use a little $$ to offset the added expenses involved with our honored guest namely his tab at Zambra's and maybe a little gas funds for the guys doing Sams transportation. See Buffo or drop someting in the Tip Jar at the food line on Friday and extra will go to buffo for the event.
    In my research on Sam I did find a photo of him and I will try to attach it to a new post in this thread.

    So scroll down and take a good look so when you seen Sam you can say hello and introduce your self.
    On Thursdayn sam will be inroom #115. He is riding home Sunday early with Alex(MM)

    We are in the process of getting Sam to be our guest at SELEM. Even if you cannot join us there PLEASE post some kind words here for us to fwd to Dr Sam. I think if we can arrange transportation , lodging and meals we may be able to have him.

    The lodging is covered as are some of the meals. I have gotten some good responses on giving Sam a ride as well but the more help we can get on this the higher the likelyhood we will be honored with his attending,

    Thanks to all

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    that would be cool, anyone that can maintain a website of that size/content and for 17 years has my respect

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    he sure is the father of thousands of laser passions in the world

    myself, when I read something in the faq, I'm absorbed in a world where every pain is relieved but the one to have reached the end of the chapter, and I feel replenished after a good read!

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    To have Sam at one of your meets would be pretty damn cool. Hell, it's almost worth jumping on a plane and making the trans-atlantic crossing for

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    Without a doubt, it would be cool if he joined us! They are the first laser pages I started reading years ago when I was discovering dpss.

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    DEFINITELY would love to have him! One of the pioneers of on line help for this horrible wallet busting profession of ours!


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    I'd be happy to meet Mr. Laser FAQ! I hope he makes it.

    - Jonathan

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    Thumbs up Great idea!

    I have extended an invite to Sam Goldwasser several times in the past, and I agree that it would be *great* to have him there. (I'm sure Sam would enjoy it as well.)

    Len, keep us informed...


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    I would love to see Sam there, i have spent many many days on that site... If we could have Steve, Karl, Sam, and Pat at SELEM that would be nifty!

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    Um, Your really gonna have to work on that.


    1. Hates loud music.
    2. Has serious responsibilities.
    3. Not really into laser display.

    It would take a real effort to get him there. That means LOTS of people will have to talk to and email him.


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