Hi All!

I have been rather busy with work and a group-buy so I haven't had time to get ready for my first gig (outside of my apt). Its at a skating rink so its perfect for lasers. It can go dark, get completely fogged out, and its easy to keep the beams above people.

I have Livepro and a QM200 but I have not had much to work with them. I have barely used the software so I'm an amature.

I have the Laser Insanity training DVD that I have gone through before. I plan on going over the DVD again tonight to try and learn as much as I can before the show tomorrow night.

I could just put on pre-programmed Qm2000 shows instead of using livepro but I want to spend at least part of the night doing some live choreographed material. I have a novation MK zero and most of the sliders all programmed into Livepro so I have made some progress. If anyone wants to offer some tips, over the phone or skype would be preferred, I can pay you for your time.