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Thread: Neos PCAOM issue with first order intensity?

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    Default Neos PCAOM issue with first order intensity?

    I have a question maybe someone could help. I am new to laser light shows, and Ihave installed a 4 chan Neos PCAOM. My setup is a 2 watt argon laser, producing 5 lines and a 200mw DPSS red laser (Maxyzmoudle.

    Eveything is setup for horizontal polarization, and works fine, all graphics, and beams, but my waste beam is brighter than the first order beam. i have tried to adjust the bragg perfect with the 488nm line selected. but I still do not get much output compaired to waste beam. I have moved the unit up and down, changed pitch, and also even tried upside down. Is this the normal function for a PCAOM? Any info would be great.

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    With PCAOM's there is about 30% back reflection.... Its not good, but its the only option for multiline argon modulation. Though it sounds like not much is getting through at all...

    First things first: provide the model number of the actual AOM and driver, that might help us track down whats going on... The optical coatings on these things can get a bit crazy.

    Also, relative intensity is much brighter if the beam is coming towards you than away from you... walk to the front of your rig then visually check the brightness, though I'd personally slap a measurement tool on it and see what it says.

    I know it doesnt solve your problem, but a few of the rigs I have seen use the back reflection for a lumia wheel system... seems like such a waste otherwise.

    There are other people here like Yadda that will be able to give you some "tweaking and tuning" advice far better than I am able to... Hopefully they will chime in soon.

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    Sorry it took so long for reply, I had to go out of town unexpectedly. The crystal that I am using is a 48062-2.5-.55-10W, with Bragg mount, and Neos driver 64040-75-.1-4CH-5M-28. I know the crystal is rated at 10W, but I was hoping this was not going to work against me. I have also checked the levels on the driver they are all full right now on all 4 channels. Unfortunately I do not have a power meter. As far as visibility you can see how intense the "waste beam is. I ended up routing it to my beam actuators on second level for the “beam effects”... I will post some pictures today, when I get the unit fired up, so you can see the differnece in intensity. Thanks for response!

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    From your specs: your PCAOM has a 2,5 mm aperture. So you can't get anything larger then 2 mm beam diameter through without significant losses...

    You are looking at your lost power when working with laser software. Consider the fact that all lasercontrols use blanking and shut of the laser in between frames or lines to perform calculations. This is a duty cycle problem and makes your "loss" beam look brighter then the actual beam going to your projector.
    Try hardwiring the PCAOM for manual control and check again.

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