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Thread: CNN - Laser Light Safety

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    I must say it is about time, I just hope no legitimate back yard astromomers get caught up in this as that was what green pointers were mainly made for. I guess a 5mW pointer probably won't impact a pilot's vision enough to get noticed.

    I also notice there have been no reports in the media of any blue lasers being pointed at planes. Lets hope the id10ts who would try to "point out" planes are not aware of our cheap blues.
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    Unlike the CDRH, the FAA has teeth. I expect they will be much more aggressive in prosecuting people.

    Also, the FAA enjoys much greater public support, simple due to the fact that they are familiar. (Not many average citizens know about the CDRH, but everyone knows about the FAA, and your average Joe is definitely going to come down on the side of pilot and airplane safety.)

    Agreed: It's about time they started going after idiots that shine pointers at planes.


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