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Thread: Hey Buffo.....

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    Default Hey Buffo.....

    Was on Rivers Ave. at the Raddison past couple of days.....thought I would have time to chat lasers....did not work.
    At the "local expanding airliner assembly" facility looking at door mechanisms/actuators and a few other things. Had to be back here today for other tasks. Maybe next trip we can have a visit... nice town....but hot and lots of people.
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    Aw crap dude! Wish you could have contacted me. That's like 5 miles from the house!

    Yeah, Boeing is really gearing up these days. Not a bad place to work, from what I've heard so far anyway... If you land something permanent there, that would be awesome! (Nothing like having a fellow laserist in the neighborhood!)

    Definitely give me a shout the next time you're in town (if there is a next time).


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