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Thread: Help required sp 2545/2011

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    Laser Warning Help required sp 2545/2011

    Have attached pictures of three systems i have aquired, as yet cannot get the lasers to power up, although the psu's power light on inside.

    They run straight from a uk 3 phase feed giving 240v on each phase, although the system states it runs at 208v..... maybe i need advice here.

    I have one grey transformer which is currently not being used which converts 415v 3p to 380v 3p, and another which is either broken or is actually designed to give 115v 3p ??

    Well questions i need answered and manuals i need to find. Water system is ok, unless there are pressure sensors and i aint got that right.

    P.S anyone know of a good courier that would be able to ship a coherant innova 200 (pictured) from the UK to WESTERN USA ??
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    Cue up Julie "Sound of Music" Andrews, singing "Lets Start at the Very Beginning, A very good place to start"

    Newport Spectra-Physics Ltd.
    Unit 7, Library Avenue, Harwell Oxford
    Didcot,Oxfordshire, OX11 0SG
    Tel: +44-1235-432-710
    Fax: +44-1235-821-045

    Section A. Health and Safety.

    0. Call/Email/Write SP-Newport UK and see if that model likes 50Hz and greater then 208 mains.

    With the power OFF and disconnected from the Mains make sure you have good fuses.

    2. Make sure you have valid interlock plugs installed. If there are any.

    3. The beam can start a fire or blind you, so make sure it terminates on brick or a thick, black anodized piece of aluminum. Wear safety goggles if you have them. Even the scattered light can be hazardous, so if you must, trap it in a copper plumbing pipe with a end cap on it. That beam dump may get hot. DO NOT LOOK DOWN THE BEAM PATH IF THE TUBE DOES NOT LIGHT.

    If you must, Use a piece of white card held in the path to see if the plasma is lit, which will be blue/purple, and if the cathode is doing its 30 second warmup. Cathodes glow orange.

    Section II, Operations.

    4. You need a key for the keyswitch. You will not get ANYTHING out of a SP without the keyswitch properly sequenced.

    5. Turn the current knobs to all the way counterclockwise, then to 3/4ths of their maximum setting. Perhaps Laserman 532 will suggest what the maximum current is for those tubes.

    6. Pull up and slightly twist on the head and power supply interlock switches to defeat the microswitches.

    7. Shout "Beam in the Room" then think carefully to see if you've missed anything.

    8. Start the laser. Be ready to switch off quickly if needed.

    9. That is a switched resistor, phase fired power supply, if I'm not mistaken. You may need to swap any two mains phases to get the sequence right for the microprocessor.

    10. If the tubes start and things appear stable, if the current can be ran up and down, let things run for a while, but not at minimum current, nor at maximum current. Moderation is suggested. Say 20 minutes. If the current will not adjust after say 30 seconds, shut down and call it a day. Some modern SPs will ramp up their own current. I've not worked with that family, so I am not sure.

    Those are sealed mirror tubes, so probably already aligned.

    The Head A/B switch concerns me, this suggests these are ex-medical lasers, where they wanted either AR or KR but not both.

    I cannot be there to help you, so all responsibility is yours for safety and health and the equipment.

    Good luck and Careful Be. "

    "Do not look into laser with remaining eye"


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