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Thread: PSU wiring question

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    Default PSU wiring question

    I have a query about the connections on my PSU

    It is a 12V PSU and on the output side it has 4 terminals, 1 pair of common and 1 pair of V+ arranged as

    COM COM V+ V+

    I've been assuming they are connected in parallel, so I've been connecting my 445 to the first COM and first V+ and my 637 to the second COM and second V+

    However, as the PSU blew after about 30mins, I'm wondering if that is correct.

    Should I just pick one pair and use them for everything? Only problem doing this is it gets a bit crowded under the terminal screws as I also have the connectors for my case fans going in too.

    PSU is big enough to supply all of the kit, but just wondered if I'm killing anything wiring it like I am.
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    Hi Norty

    Do you have a Continuity tester to check this?(or VOM)
    I don't see why not to use both terminals, some PSU are separated to handle the power for each cable in each terminal . and yes they are in Parallel.


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    I've never had a problem wiring that way...
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