Hey everyone;

Just wanted to let all you Alphalite users know that Rick has released a new version of the Alphalite software - Version 2.86.

Now, some of you may be wondering why you should bother upgrading from 2.83, or 2.85, or whichever version you happen to be running now. I'll tell you why...

Rick has fixed the memory hole bug!

Some of you have no doubt noticed that each time you load a file, the free memory drops. Eventually, if you keep loading files, you'll use up all the available ram and the Alphalite software will crash. Rick has been working on fixing this problem for several months. I tested a beta version of the new display routine for him about a month ago, and the results of that beta routine are now incorporated into version 2.86 of the Alphalite software.

Bottom line: I ran the new software for over 3 hours, loading every damn ilda file I had, and the memory usage was nearly constant. (Of course, it goes up and down slightly depending on the size of the ilda file you load, but when you switch to a new file the ram used to store the old one is released...)

There are a few other new features to the software, including an improved text editor, but the most important reason to go download V2.86 is the bug fix for the memory leak. It makes the software truely stable. 8)

Oh, and one other thing - Rick has re-vamped his website too. And it looks pretty good...

So go have a look at http://www.laserillusions.com/, and be sure to download the latest Alphalite software. You won't be dissapointed!