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Thread: close your eyes while driving please...

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    Default close your eyes while driving please...

    Yesterday, I got a warning on TMC on my drive home, someone would blind others with a laser from a car to other cars on autobahn 661, pretty close to me.

    I never heared that happened before, but thinking about it, it seemed pretty, well, obvious, so to say.

    I mean, I am biking, and that thought makes me pretty nervous.

    Thats a sad thing to happen, and I dont hope this will make it to some special kind of guys.

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    I am speechless... I find this as dagerous if not more dangerous than people shining lasers at airplanes as I think it would be far easier to blind a car driver than a pilot due to the duration the person with the laser can aim, the amount of time the driver could be directly exposed, and the shortened distance from the laser the dirver would be compared to a pilot. If you happen to witness this, I hope you are not hit in the eye and I hope you are able to get the offender's information to report them, or, if they are not actually in a car, you can stop and beat their ass.
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    I guess it was only a matter of time ..

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    In the hands of the stupid and malicious, lasers over a few milliWatts are directed energy weapons. They haven't been treated that way for the past 50 years, but those days are quickly coming to an end. I see a whole new federal bureaucracy, a jobs program really, to pacify the paranoid. But despite the pessimism, I hope they throw the book at whoever eventually gets caught lasing car drivers, and make a big international example out of them.

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