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Thread: HI GUYS!! I'm new...

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    Default HI GUYS!! I'm new...

    Just wanted to introduce myself,
    My name is MO. I live in Pasadena CA. I graduated from UCLA in 03 and I now work there.

    I own a wideangle catweasel scanner setup with a 50mW Blue that I have a ton of fun with. I basically just throw parties at my apartment, but I've done a couple pro gigs as well. I also have a variable 0-150mW Green that I am looking to incorporate into a white laser project I am finally getting serious about. Both are DPSS.

    I have mounts and a couple dichros, all I need is an enclosure to get started.

    My main question right now is: Since I have a variable powered 532nm Green, I will be using 50mW, 473nm Blue as my base. What power and wavelength do you guys recommend me to buy in RED (I've heard 200mw at 660nm)???



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    Default Welcome!

    Let me be the first to say "Welcome!" to PhotonLexicon!

    Do you have pictures of your current setup? (We like pictures! )

    As far as the green to blue to red balance, I've always heard it quoted thusly:

    Take your maximum amount of green as your base (say, 50 mw as an example):

    Multiply your max green by 2.3 to get the max blue you'll need (which would be 115 mw in this example).

    Now multiply your max green by 5 to get the max red you'll need (which would be 250 mw in this example).

    This quick and dirty formula will get you very close to perfect white balance. Of course, 660 nm red is not as bright to the eye as 647 (krypton ion red) or even the 632,8 nm of a HeNe, so you might be a tad off one way or the other. But from what I've read from people that do shows for a living, color balance is not nearly as big a deal as most people make it out to be.

    I've heard of people using ratio's of 1 green to 1 blue to 2 red, and still getting acceptable results. So don't be afraid to experiment. has some more information about color balance, if you want to dig for it...


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    Welcome aboard Mo,

    Typically you want to have 4 or 5 times more power in Red over green and 2 to 3 times more blue than green.
    Since you have 50 mW blue, then scale back the green to 25 mw and 150 mw red will do it.
    Get good quality dichroic filters to pass green and reflect red on the first stage of color combining and the next dichro can pass red and green while reflecting blue. You might want to mount your filters on X-Y adjustable stages like the MM-1's to ease alignment.
    I'm doing the same . To see my progress and other laser toys go to:
    " " and have a peek at the pics.

    Good luck
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    Welcome Aboard! This place is growing Leaps and Bounds lately! Its great to see//Sometimes you shoudl sacrifice the PERFECT blend of color to produce white and go for the AWE in the raw power of the laser... I know that in my 12 years of big laser shows they always go GAGA over the blue/green beams, and the Screen stuff is kinda second place.....

    I will post some pics my my projector soon, but im kinda having a little shipping issue with the Red laser right now... Fingers croossed it gets here soon....The show is in 3 weeks..AHHHHHHHHHH

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