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Thread: High speed Galvo System(ZR-V40)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mixedgas View Post
    Don't hit him too hard guys, we need new manufacturing and distributers.

    You might have one here we can work with and get improvements.

    Keep in mind the Chinese government ENCOURAGES, with money, employees to leave their workplace and make clones.

    I'm all for having new competition on the market, but if you're going to copy an amp, at least copy the good one. It's hard to tell from the pic (still doesn't load when I click on it), but I at least see the notch filter. The DT-40Pro amp today is a well polished quality amp with all the recommended changes that Bill sent to Jian. This is either a copy of an early DT-40Pro set or a copy of the amp for the DT-30's or DT-40Wide. Which isn't bad if it's a copy of one of the newer amps, but I would still prefer the DT-40Pro amp over all else.

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    OK,I think this thread ends here is enough,because somebody don't know China,but here simply evaluate China,that's should not be.
    Maybe the galvo is similar to DT,maybe there are only CT,EMS,DT suitable for you because only after using them you can say so.
    So,of course, to me, suitable for my application,that's enough.
    As copy,I don't know what to say,how to say,this depends personal understand. CT,as one of the best and earliest manufatures of scanners, then another,and then another and then more and more manufatures,who copy whose.Or,put all the electronic component into a big circle disc is a good creative,I can assure this way nobody has seen as galvo system.
    Moreover,this galvo system is not a copy,furthermore did more tech. approved,much close to the ilda tech. and safe standards than its fore edition zr-v30.
    That's all.what I expressed,only for exchange of learning.Thank you.

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    I think a listed price is a component of a product review.

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