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Thread: Best optics and crystals manufacturer in China

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    Default Best optics and crystals manufacturer in China

    This is Gilbert Zhou, the vice general manager of Ultra Photonics Inc. I was a crystal engineer during 2002-2010 years. And because of some reasons, I and several directors who were in charge of growing, polishing and coating department left our previous company. Last year we established Ultra Photonics Inc to manufacture high quality BBO, LBO, wave plates and Glan polarizers.

    We purchased the same type instruments, and use the same processing technique to fabricate LBO and BBO crystals. So I can promise our crystals' quality is as good as the highest quality in China.

    If you are interested in our products, please just feel free to send e-mail to us.

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    Gilbert... There is no need for you to post a new thread every time. You have 4 or 5 of these threads that say the same thing. We know you have crystals and optics. If you want the thread to be seen, just the last one you created instead of making a new one. I am starting to think all you want to do is us which you should know we do not like.
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    As soon as you have Pr:PAYAC let us know, everybody and their brother sells LBO and KTP crystals now. Heck I can even grow them with common supplies from a hydroponic store (not that it would do much good since I don't have polishing equipment). If you start producing that you will have a lead in the market. If you don't know what it is do a search on the forum for white light dpss.

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