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Thread: Pangolin Zone settings in different programs don't match (QS, LD2000 & Beyond)

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    Default Pangolin Zone settings in different programs don't match (QS, LD2000 & Beyond)

    Hi, normally i use quickshow with an fb3 dac, i had set up my zone so i can display a square right in front of the projector.

    If i switch to qm2000 the beam which should go straight forward is pointing into the ground and did burn the table when trying to set the color palette.

    So, thinking the adjustment was not right i moved the y galvo a bit to get a straight line using ld2000 with qm.

    Now i am testing Beyond and instead of projecting a test picture in front it hits the ceiling.

    little confused here.

    any suggestions?


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    I'm not a QM user so I don't know what is available, but first thing I'd do is check the main 'Projector Settings' are the same for both sets of software. Then I'd start checking each zone in turn to ensure it is the right position and size.

    I would avoid messing with the galvo position, its something that is probably in software.

    Work through methodically checking one thing at a time.

    Given that it sounds like Beyond and QS seem to be firing in the same direction, I'd be looking at your LD2k settings for the problem.
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    I have never played with QS or BEYOND but have a QM2000.

    As norty said check your projector settings in QS and BEYOND as they might be set "up" compared to the QM settings. You may also have a QM projection zone set funny.

    If all three projector settings look the same I would reset all the projection zones in the QM Projection zone settings.

    Projection zone settings button->Zone 1 Tab->Adjust Geometric Correction button->Reset all items button->(drop down below next to "Copy these settings to: button")All other zones(way at the bottom)->Ok button->Defaults Tab(in the Tabs where you found Zone 1)->Save settings into LD Startup file button.

    This should zero all the projection zone settings out like it came out of the box.

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    In addition to Norty and Allthat's comments -

    Each software suite stores the zone settings in its own zone files.
    They are specific to the software in use, not the controller.
    (Applies to projector & palette settings, as well)
    The saved settings are loaded from the software zone or INI files either when the software starts, or when saved settings are manually loaded.

    The LD2000 suite will share zone settings between the various LD2000 applications.
    The FB3 / QS combination will use its own zone settings specific to that combination.

    I haven't seen the released version of Beyond yet, but I imagine it works in a similar fashion, keeping the zone settings specific for it's software suite only.

    BTW, If you use your controller hardware on different computers, you will have to readjust the zone / projector / palette settings for each computer (or manually copy the related files between computers).
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    ok, first i opened the projector settings in ld2000, here i have to leave everything set to default (no reset button) and i am curious about the default values.
    Mine are set now to
    Image size x=0, y=0 (perhaps this is not good since after resetting the zone i have a too small output size)
    image position x=0, y=0
    image brightness 100%
    I save this to the default ld startup file

    Then i open the Projection Zones
    For Zone 1 i select a simple test pattern and adust the geometric correction
    I press reset all items and while the size is set to 100 for x/y i have almost no output.

    this was not before using beyond ;-) so might have to report it back.

    I cop the settings to all zones and press ok

    then in ld2000 i enlarge the size to 10 and save it again to the defaults ini file

    reopen zones and display the test pattern again, now i have a larger image so, as far as my knowledge and troubleshooting goes, i do have to set some size in the projector settings and like to know what the default is?

    after setting this i opened beyond and checked the projector and zone settings and now it looks better.

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    The maximum beyond projection zones are dependant of what you set in LD2000.exe
    you need to set everything at max there before you adjust in BEYOND.
    The same go's for the color pallete.
    you only need this if you have a QM2000

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