Selling a set of Cambridge Technology CT6800 galvos with 3mm aperture mirrors and the ultra compact Medialas Microamp drivers all tuned to 30K at 10 degrees.

Despite being purchased back in 2005 this set has only run for very low hours and spent most of it's life in storage, I would guess less than 30 hours runtime. They were only installed into a small RGB for a bit of fun and programming, some demo work and one photo shoot, never set foot inside a club let alone been to a festival. They have not been abused, all fuses are original

Apart from the Y mirror having a small light scratch on the front surface they are in excellent condition. The scratch is so small it won't photograph well with my camera but it's about .5 of a mm long with a very light mark next to it and doesn't visibly affect any scanned images in any way that I can see, but replace that mirror and they will be perfect.

This set came from Medialas complete with their PSU II open frame +/-30V SMPS set, the galvo mounting block is from another set of toasted 6800's.


2x CT6800 galvos with 3mm aperture mirrors
2x Medialas Microamps
2x CTi PSU II (Input: 90 - 250VAC, output: 30VDC @ 2A per rail, dimensions 100x60x40mm each board)
1x X/Y mounting block
Power and signal cables

If interested, feel free to put your best foot forward and PM me a serious offer I can't refuse before the weekend - and save them from ebay