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Thread: OK, now which DAC? and USB DMX

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    Default OK, now which DAC? and USB DMX

    I bought Spaghetti, and absolutley love it, even with the Crappy Ishow DAC. I had a show up in NO TIME, and now with a working laser and program. So... if a better DAC means better beams as well as higher data bandwidth. Which one is best for Spaghetti? Great , easy expressive control is what I am looking for in a DAC. but always budget minded. Ill even build it myself if it meant greater control and saving a few bux!
    Same applies to a compatiable usb-DMX controller too.

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    Currently, the only DMX controllers supported by Spaghetti are the mini-lumax, easylase, and riya DACs. But, I can add support for just about anything as long as there is a public API for it. You can kill two birds with one stone by getting a DAC that is combined with a DMX device. A guy named Thierry has done a lot of DMX stuff with Spaghetti and I think he used mini-Lumax as the DAC and DMX device. Anyway, if you find a DMX controller that you like not supported by Spaghetti send me an email and I can probably add it for you. Same goes for DMX devices. I can add custom device info to Spaghetti so the controls are mapped correctly. I have a lot of interest in DMX control so any excuse to add new features related to that is cool with me.

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    I'll take the iShow off your hands if you upgrade... I need a cheap DAC to continue my education ;-)

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