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Thread: Spaghetti "Pokerface" Video

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    Default Spaghetti "Pokerface" Video

    This is VERY noisy using the ISHOW interface.... Colors are well Eh.... OFF. But the Spaghetti software really makes it fly... Ishow is still noisy. I MEAN noisy... Check out the "hot spots".. this is with my polarized filters off....

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    Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the iShow hot spots without diving into their firmware. I tried several things to combat them but they didn't help. The hot spots don't appear when using other DACs with Spaghetti. But, at least you don't have those silly dashed red lines. And, as a beam show, the hot spots seem kind of cool... at least to the people who don't know they are supposed to be there. That's why I think the iShow DACs make decent satellite DACs but not for as the primary.

    If anyone is wants to take a jab at reverse engineering and fixing the firmware contact me and I can share info. I don't have time to do it myself with it right now.

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