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Thread: Big Transformers. ( Selem funding sale)

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    Default Big Transformers. ( Selem funding sale)

    Are you barking mad over low cost switchers blowing up, dropping out, sagging or being noisy?
    Would you like absolute reliability for your galvos? Need some "uumph" for that projector diode array or beam table? I picked these up at my local surplus place to power my big 6350 galvos. Tapped input for various line voltages around 110, ie 105, 115, 125V inputs, and rated at 0-19-27 AC output, which Translates to 26V and 38V DC peak unloaded, when rectified and filtered. I did not short circuit test them with the Ampclamp yet, but they weigh several pounds each, so I imagine for laser purposes, these have more then enough overkill amps. If you'd like 8VAC you can take the difference between the 19 and 27V taps on the secondary. Medical grade transformer, from X-ray systems, which means excellent front to back isolation.

    I have 5 of them I can spare

    15$ each plus actual shipping:

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    Nice sales pitch, Steve ;] I always go for the big robust transformer power supplies over those flimsy switchers any day.
    "Selem funding sale" ..Does this mean you're going to SELEM?

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    1) correct, switchers are evil
    2) pretty sure hes going to get dragged there kicking and screaming

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