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Thread: Anyone know THIS laser? LOTS of pics

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    Default Anyone know THIS laser? LOTS of pics

    Greetings everyone... OK - so I move on to modding my second laser - and I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered this, but it came, I took it apart and look at what I found inside... the circuitboard is a monkey's breakfast. There is some kind of black paint, some glue - and a swell piece of black plastic superglued to the back of the PCB making it a little more challangin to even get to it.

    Now... seeing as I have no idea IF this is a "pot modable" (I am assuming that it is since it DOES have a pot) laser or not I am posting here first before I slaughter it... anyone know what this is? I see a resistor marked "102", and one on the opposite side of the pot that is covered in black paint (gee, thanks Mr. China Dude) - so it begs the question - is this layout a copy of the 105/110?? I dare not pull the 102 off until at least someone throws me a bone here.

    Any input is MUCH appreciated. In return I will take more pics of what I do and post it up here so the next person that buys one of these has a half-a-chance at modding it successfully (assuming I can mod it successfully)


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    Yep, looks to be a knock off Leadlight. I really dont know the company off hand, cant say I want to buy one to find out either.

    Anything is moddable, its just a matter of how good you are with a solderin iron.

    On the back side theres probably a voltage regulator/feedback system that would explain the extra wires running in the barrel to the(i assume) photodiode.

    Probably potted to keep other chinese sources from "copying their copy"... I know its strange, but thats just how it is over there.

    anywho, Welcome to the board.

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    Yea, the company that I work for builds parts in China.. I know all about how they like to steal each other's designs...

    well... maybe I will try to do the 102 resistor mod on it, and the cap mod... I guess the worst that can happen is that I buy a leadlite....

    As for soldering - no prob. I am proficient with a needle iron and a reflux rework wand for SMT parts. What I am lacking is a good understanding of how this circuit (or any LASER circuit) is layed out and "works"...

    Thankk for the wark welcome.

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    Swapped out the 102 resistor and tuned up the pot. There was a little resistor on the back that got HOT, so I swapped that out also...


    It has amazing output for about 4 seconds, then it fades. The point to which it fades is still brighter than it was whne shipped... but if it could sustain the output that it does for the first few seconds, this thing would seriously be the shiz for the money.

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