Hi guys,

I thought I'd start a new thread as I've been threadjacking on my search for tiny green.

Myself and I suspect a few other people are looking for ultra compact green lasers that are suitable for very small projectors.
We are building very compact RGB projectors and we are having trouble finding suitable green lasers that are small enough and reliable.

There are plenty of unknown quality and spec pointer cores available but thats not what we are after.

What we need is quality, reliability and support.

Please have a look at these threads to see what we are up to.



So far the units that I'm considering are;




Here is what we are looking for;

  • DPSS 532nm green laser
  • 80-200mw power
  • 12-30mm diameter.
  • must be suitable for analog modulation.

We are open to buying a unit with integral TEC or with no TEC as we can add one ourselves.

If a supplier can provide detailed specifications that are relevent to our application, I'm sure they will get a few orders.