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Thread: QS2 and Midi control surface questions

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    Default QS2 and Midi control surface questions

    I have a Behringer BCF2000 control surface (on loan) and I am using all the encoders and faders for Live Control. It works ok but does not have enough buttons for selecting cues.

    I have asked this of Pangolin, but the question remains un-answered (buried me thinks in bug reports I sent).

    Does anyone know how the Midi Output from QS works? You can assign your MIDI output but I don't know how they map the MIDI channels/ID's. I am trying to get encoders to display the actual QS setting on the LED rings, rather than the BCF2000 values (MIDI ControlChange) issued to QS.

    Actually, I am thinking of building a custom control surface with a JoyStick for X/Y position, faders, encoders and cue buttons. This is pretty straight forward as the Midi serial strings are not complicated, just the stupid baud rate which I can do with an Arduino.

    Is there any market here for a nice custom control surface?
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    Is there any market here for a nice custom control surface?
    I don't believe so (for cue selection anyway) as the most appropriate control surface for cue selection is a touch screen.
    (imo) Anything else is a compromise in as much as you can't see what you are selecting directly with your finger.

    I think there was a thread somewhere about someone wanting to map one of those big 10x10 grid of coloured buttons control surfaces (Akai MPC or something like that I think..), and people generally felt a touch screen would do the job better and cheaper.
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