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Thread: Much thanks to everyone at SELEM!

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    Default Much thanks to everyone at SELEM!

    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks to those that made SELEM possible! The people that put all the work behind it, the good company, everything!

    It was great talking to fellow laserists, and meeting some people who I had talked to on newsgroups years ago for the first time!

    I'll be honest I was a little nervous standing there filling out the waiver not knowing what to expect. Those feelings were gone a minute after seeing how things were setup in the auditorium.

    It's definitely lit a fire for me to get my incomplete projectors full RGB'ed! Also came up with some new ideas I hope to work on and have ready for the next meet up.

    The worst part was on the ride home hearing there were 4 lumia projectors somewhere that Chris and I had missed! Off to the side somewhere.

    See you all next year!

    Thanks again.

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    Yeah, most of the lumia displays were behind the auditorium, in the entrance hallway just past the sound and lighting booth. I know Len (Hakzaw1) had several different rigs set up, but I think a few others had gear back there as well.

    Maybe someone took some pictures (or video?) of the stuff that was back there... If so, please post them!


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