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Thread: MM-1 replacement spring

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    Default MM-1 replacement spring

    I have an old-ish MM-1 that had some sticky screws, and in the process of trying to take it apart I managed to break the springs (they were also stuck, and twisted themselves up in the process of unscrewing them). It's an older style or something - the springs were held in by a grub and a round-head screw, rather than by pins like others seem to have. Does anyone know what the specs are on the spring used or where to get replacements?

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    Well, start at small parts.

    Then hit McMaster Carr.


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    well sort of...they were designed to go together but not come apart...just like my micromounts you will have a very difficult time finding that "spring" it was custom designed for them.
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    I have repaired mine before. I found some springs from a hole-in-the-wall Ace hardware. They looked like a cabinet spring.... or a door spring. You know, one with eyelets at each end. I cut it to size, bent some eyelets in it. I drilled out the screw holes in the MM-1 and made a recess in them. I ran the springs through and put pins through the spring eyelets at each end. This was back when it was very hard to find MM-1's for under $50... say, about 15 years ago. Now, it would be better to save the time and effort and just find some used ones on eBay for $20. Just throwing in my 2 pennies.
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