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Thread: Problem with DT40 scanners

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    Default Problem with DT40 scanners

    Hi everyone,

    I have some problems with 2 sets of DT40 scanners.
    We buyd them new in 2 projectors (2 watt compact green by, with DT40 scanners).

    Both sets are working allright for 2 minutes, after that the projection is gone.

    The size of the zone in pangolin is small ( 25 x 25)
    The scanrate is not more then 15.000 PPS

    Both DT40 sets are having problems.

    We tried different QM2000 boards, without succes.

    We think it is a problem with the heat of the drivers.

    Who can help?

    Martin Gorter

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    I would think that it would be extremely unlikely for both sets to switch off at exactly the same time due to heat. When you say the projection is gone, do you mean it dissappears, or it reduces to just a spot?
    If it dissappears then it suggests the whole signal is being lost (lasers switch off too), otherwise if you just get a dot then it means just the X/Y signal is being lost.
    At the point it stops projecting, are you getting any signal at all from the DAC?
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    Hi Martin,
    Welcome to the forums.

    If you purchased the projectors recently, contact your supplier first.

    How do you mean, projection is gone ?
    As in : One axis stops, then another ?
    Is the problem self-resetting ?
    Do the projectors have some sort of scan-fail ?

    Does the dropout occur sooner if you scan faster and wider ?

    RGBlasersystem is known for their high build quality, I assume they know how to mount these scanner amps.

    The problem could be located in the suppl(y/ies) of the scanner amps too.

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    Hi Norty303 and thank you for your quick respond.

    Both sets don't stop at the same time, one set is failing after 2 minutes, the other after 5m minutes.

    The projection is not gone, it is just one big mess, i can see the scanners are trying to project what I want...

    During the failure I connected the DB25 connector into another laser with CT6800 scanners and the projection is perfect.
    We tried several QM2000 boards, there is no problem with the computer or the QM2000 boards.

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    Hi Bart,

    We used the lasers for one year now, we know that we have to be carefull with the scanrate (always 15.000pps or lower).
    And the Zone we make in pangolin is not bigger than 25x25 (very small).

    The projection is not gone, it is one big mess, the scanners try to project but they can't.

    They have worked good for one year, so I think the design is gooed, and we are very happy with the projectors.
    5 minutes ago I sended an e-mail to RGB Lasersystem Hungary.

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    replace the ILDA cable

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    Al geprobeerd...

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    If they are daisy chained, if one fails the other may back feed the other garbage. Try them independently to narrow down the issue
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    Hey Martin, Welcome @ the PL forums.
    Did you measure the powersupplies output going to to the drivers ?
    And what does it do when it shuts off (maybe the supplies drop).

    It's strange that 2 sets are behaving like this, right ?

    Did you check for earth problems ?

    My green (the one i bought from you) i had placed in a projector and then had some issues.
    Rob advised me to take the earth out of the scanners.
    I recently put a blue in and had problems, now i connected the earth and low and behold: problem gone.
    So maybe something is wrong with earthing or powersupply ?

    Kind regards,
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    This is pretty typical of the DT systems.

    1) the P.S. is no wheres near powerful enough current wise to supply constant clean, power to scanning. Even at relatively lower scan angles and not even working the scanners hard. The P.S. are only i think 1-1.5A. NOT enough! What you see (the projections going crazy) is most likely the P.S. freaking out.

    2) The amps get VERY hot, VERY quick. Make sure you heat sink them very well and if possible, fan cool them also.


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