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Thread: 300 cheers for 300 evil - optima lenses

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    Default 300 cheers for 300 evil - optima lenses

    Just posting to thank Adam (300evil) for sending ten of the "famous" optima lenses my way. The guy was kind enough to aknowledge a pm from me and shove my order alongside with his (while i couldn't even get optima to answer my emails). He was even kind enough to fascilitate a couple of quantity changes i required at a later time. And to top off all that, he offered the bunch at factory price, with extra low shipping, not making a single dollar out of it. This sort of support makes me feel a bit sorry that i can't give anything back to him (as he knows photons better than i do and i don't live in a country that produces anything laser related (other than eye-magic scanners of course)

    You know the saying "quick, cheap and top quality service, pick any two". I would choose cheap and top quality forgetting about delivery time any time, especially when dealing with adam that never let me run out of information during the process. I had a pretty good idea of what and when to expect at all times of our "transaction". Great communication all the way "order pending", "order now in", lenses received", "i shipped them","off to have lunch", "permission to go to the toilet" etc etc etc

    in a nutshell,

    huge thanks 300 evil, you da man!!!
    "its called character briggs..."

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    299 would have done 300 had he made SELEM
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