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    Where can I pick up a cuple of beam combiner/splitters cheepish?

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    None of those beam splitters there really provide enough information to tell if they are good for combining lasers for our applications.

    Most of them are just metal vapor hybrids that will just reflect/transmit the percentage of light no matter the which side you shoot the laser through.

    The one at the bottom, looks like it might do it, but all bets are off as to which optical face does what.

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    If its for combining REDS ...
    We have been looking all over and have NOT found ANY that will work well cheap...

    Also, Be very careful which beamsplitter you choose..
    Pick the wrong one and half or more of your power will be reflected back to your laser and possibly destroying the diode in it..
    Or you can destroy the beamsplitter with too much power as well !!!

    There are only a few that will work for this...
    Very few in fact...That is why they are expensive and hard to get !!!
    New ones cost 185USD upwards to 495USD and much more.

    1) It has to be polarized and a laser-line at around 650 to 670nm cube..(BEST)
    ... a 632nm cube will work in a pinch. And there may be some broadband ones on the way that look promising coming very soon !!!

    2) It must have a transmission thruput of at least 90 percent (which I consider poor as it will reflect up to 10 percent back to your laser ) 100 percent is best.

    Anything else is a crap shoot ...and will be an expensive endevour should it blow your diodes.
    I know because a few that have tried this with other cubes that were not correct had to send their lasers back for a diode replacement at 131USD each.

    I have a few correct laser-line cubes left and they are in EXTREMELY HIGH demand

    If you dont want to take any chances and really want one of these PM me
    maybe we could work out a deal on one.

    I also have a few brand new mounts available as well..But have the new price, Stil a consideration for those that want to barter.

    Of course now if its just to play around with then by all means surplusshed is the way to go !!!
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