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Thread: Good show to go see

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    Default Good show to go see

    Has anybody seen these guys?

    I just saw them again two weeks ago in Boston. They are just amazing. I was talking to one of the laserist and there is about 1/4 of a million dollars worth of laser there. From what I could see they have 2 projectors. Each is about 5w Argon,Yag. Each has a Dual Galvo setup. Quite amazing.[/url]

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    Default Paramount laser dark side of oz

    The show can vary depending on venue and how well the equipment is holding up. Some of this stuff has been on tour for quite a while, and sometimes the main whitelight 171 has to be replaced by an argon 164/165/168. But maybe they have replaced those now. Not all venues are the same. Sometimes the house is wired for only mono sound. Thats when the JBL EONs are placed to simulate stereo.
    But thats show biz.
    But all in all its a good show, ticket price has risen quite a bit lately. I havent seen it for several years. I am sure they have made quite a few changes and improvements.
    My hats off to Dave and Lane. They are the ones that pull it off time and time again no matter what goes wrong.

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