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    hi, i'm making a favorite vacation location poll for my website and what was wondering what is the majority of people's places to travel to?
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    we dont travel :lol:

    We use our money on lasers, no time to travel around the world 8)

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    Caracas, Venezuela


    I do get to travel. There's a park across the street to which I go every now and again :P .

    But seriously, if you want to travel, may I recomend Venezuela?, we have everything you may want here: snow, desert, tropical rain forest, jungles, mountains, waterfalls (the tallest in the world), rivers, grasslands (savanas), beaches, and, of course, pretty women (3 or 4 miss universes if memory serves me right) .

    Also, I'd like to go to egypt, india, china, japan, norway, sweden, germany, switzerland, etc, etc :lol: Too bad I'm nto lasers :?
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