I have decided it's time for me to move on to other things. I'm selling the following items.

1 Multi-line Air cooled Argon American 68B in custom flight case. Can put out 500 MW all day. These can be temporarily pushed to a few watts but it has an auto shutdown to protect itself. $1,200.00
1 RGB Coherent I-90MK This laser has roughly about ten hours max on it. It was a Krypton laser that was reprocessed by Evergreen laser corp. It puts out a max of 3.2 watts of RGB. Comes with a Spectra 265 Exciter. $3,000 This laser was put into a custom eclosure as well.

1 Neos PCAOM 8 Channel This was sold to me in working condition. I have yet to hook it up and lack the time to do it myself. I'm asking $1,500 for it. These list for roughly 2,500.00

1 Custom Laser projector. This projector consist of three Cambridge 6800's with Medialas Micro Amps and a Cambridge board to drive the Z Axis. It is in perfect working condition. Comes with a pelican case to protect it during transport. $1,500.00
PM me for pics and or any other questions you might have.