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Thread: HP Laserjet 5p Harvest

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    Default HP Laserjet 5p Harvest

    Ok I have no clue if this thing yields a 250mw 808nm diode or what is inside of it. Thus I have begun tearing it down as I am bored out of my mind. Does any one know what for diode this is and anything about it, a diode found is always sweeter than one purchased even if its out of date. May be a little juvenile so keep the laughter to a minimum guys.
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    Should be 780nm and 5-10mW at the most. Basically useless. The polygon scanners can be fun to play with though. You gotta get lasers from offset plate makers, those are fun. Today's copiers really have nothing good in the way of lasers. Although the old Xerox 8900's used to have 60X's, you won't find an 8900 anywhere now.

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