Selling because it is to low power. The beam specs are great. i think its about 1,5x1,5mm and like 1mrad.
But low power.
Im hoping to get a real green module somewhere next month.

Including driver and small PSU wich converts 230/220v to whatever the green laser needs, and the wires are also inlcuded exept for the modulation wires(need to be connected to the 2 pins right next to the cable wich powers the module.

35 euro sold, not including shipping costs to europe only, not including paypal fees.

Dimensions are:
module: 65x33x33mm, not counting the alu plate under it to easy mount it.
driver: 76x49x28mm.
PSU: 75x~50x41. (cant measure that 50mm 100% can be max 3mm difference)

Accepted payments: Paypal gift(no extra costs) paypal goods(1,50 extra costs) or bank transfer if that wont cost anything for both our bank accounts.