Hello all,
Hope it's ok that I cross posted this here:

I'm still trying to setup a workflow for my animation shoot that's coming up in the next few weeks.
my repost here:http://www.photonlexicon.com/forums/...twork-workflow
To recap the process that I'm working with, we'll be using a Reke 500 RGB projector connected to an AudioLase II. I think we'll try to use Spaghetti to display the animation as an animation sequence. So that each frame of the animation will be will be projected and then photographed one frame at a time using a Digital SLR- note: we have fully controlled studio lighting, and a professional DP for the photography. We're looking for help with converting our pre-rendered animation into a format that can be projected by the laser. I've looked into ILD SOS, but the website seems to be down or not loading here. And at this point it doesn't seem cost effective for us to buy a Pangolin software suite for one usage. With that said, is there anyone here who might be interested in converting my animation to a format that I can work with? This will include consulting on the animation creation method used- we can provide Flash or Maya animation frame sequences. And then work with us to convert the animation into individual frames that can be projected as still images.
So if anyone out there is interested in doing some quick freelance, please PM me if interested. Note, candidates will be fully compensated for their time, experience with Laser image conversion/creation necessary. Candidates must provide their own software. Good communication skills a must.