Hello fellow laser geeks,
We have several Laser Quantum GEM lasers available that have been tested by lasersam to output well over specified power. These are fiber coupled 500 mW green lasers that are perfect for Raman Spectroscopy or general lab use but not suitable for holography due to their short coherence length. You can get a difffraction limited free spece beam by just placing a short focal length lens beyond the fiber coupler. The lasers are controlled with a serial port program (RS232). Sam has measured up to 800 mW from these lasers. No analog modulation or TTL control is possible; not for light show use without an AOM. The lasers were made in 2009 and are very high end products removed from working equipment and will come with a manual and a test report from Sam Goldwasser. We are asking $1,250 plus shipping. Phil, 142laser, (813) 974-2378, pbergero@usf<dot>edu

See a picture at: http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/sale/gem1.jpg

See description at Laser Quantum site: http://www.laserquantum.com/products/detail.cfm?id=14