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    Default Color balance

    Ok, so would anyone care to guess what the ratio is to balance 635nm to 532? From what I understand for 660nm and 532nm it is somewhere near 4:1. For 635nm though, I would have to guess that it would be near 3.5:1. Perhaps even 3:1. What do you think?


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    Ya know, color balance is a deceiving thing.. Whatever looks good IS good...Just have LOT of red if you want Deep purples.......

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    inside an RGB Projector I would not use 632nm .
    It isnt Red, it is Orange. The Mixcolors look bad. Better use 671nm, but it is very expensive this Time.

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    I would have to respectfully disagree. I'm still concerned that many people here refer to 632.8 or 635nm as being orange. In my opinion it does not come close to orange. Sure compared side by side 632.8 and 660 are somewhat different, but I still say 632.8 is red. 612nm is considered orange. Refer to the attached image, it was created using 488nm from a 60x, 532 from a dpss and 632.8nm from a hene. I had tested these lasers once when I had a power meter, I no longer have the power meter and not sure what I did with the balanced readings. Oh well, maybe I will just have to guess, or as Laser-AD says, maybe I will just have to get ALOT of red and turn it down for a balance.


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    All the pictures in my gallery were done with 632.8 nm from HeNe lasers. But the resulting colors sure look like RED to me... (For that matter, my avitar pic also depicts red from a HeNe...)

    650 nm (or 660 even) from a diode certainly looks "deeper" red than the Hene, but to me it's all red. Sort of the difference between the red of a stop sign vs. the red of your blood. But I don't think it's "orange" at all...

    Also, several people here have posted that the color balance isn't nearly as important as one might think. I know I worried about this issue a lot in the past, but my experiments and the experiments of others here on PhotonLexicon have shown that what Carey said above is true: "Whatever looks good *IS* good", no matter what the actual ratio turns out to be.

    Bottom line: Make sure you have lots of red and you'll probably be just fine.


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    I think its good to have both ..
    You get a whole different range of hues

    I still agree with Guido ..632.8 is red-orange
    But I like that color too !!! Just hard to get lots of it !!!

    A perfect RED to me is 657..Its hard to achieve at high power.
    Thats why we have concentrated on this area of RED
    its what everyone wants...

    Consider CRT's in television,
    Have you ever noticed that some reds are not really red..
    Some makes like Sony those reds were kinda orangey...
    While Panasonics and Ikegami's were more RED.
    RED purity is a problem with cathode ray tubes.
    This has a BIG impact on making Brown..and a few other colors.

    Working in Television all of my life..people in the studio always complained about the colors.

    Still.. You can have Both and cover more colors I think.
    What it all boils down to is this:
    Covering an extreme range of colors that the eye can see...
    If you only had three colors to work with and they were very close to each other
    in color.
    that would be a very limited range of colors you could make.
    But you could still make white...

    Thats why we like having a Deep Blue and a Deep Red to go with that vivid Green.
    Maybe Ive seen too much of these and heard the ooo's and aaa's
    When it used to be - I wonder where all the colors went to

    If you have not seen the difference then you wouldnt know what Im talking about
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