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Thread: NL Opening Lanparty (800 people) The Reality by Hobbybob

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    Default NL Opening Lanparty (800 people) The Reality by Hobbybob

    Hello people, what an evening this was, Edison, VJErnst and I joined Hobbybob yesterday evening in Drachten where Dimitri kicked off an event for over 800 people. The show started with a video file projected on several screens and when this finished in a scatering effect the 4 projectors took over.
    2 sattelites (green/blue) on each side of the 90 meters long lanparty area and 2 rgb's in the middle.

    Video recording (from the end of the hall) can be found here :

    Michel Rietveld @ Utrecht The Netherlands

    FB3, BEYOND Ultimate, 3xFB4, apc 40

    1x5W RGB 637nm 1.3W, Edison Blue 2.5W 445nm and CNI 2.5W 532nm Greenie with Pico driver with DT40Kpro scanner set

    2x3W RGB DT30 scanner set

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    Another movie by a visitor, action starts at 1.32min
    In the end you can even see me on stage ;-)

    The hall was indeed 90meters long, 55m wide.
    2 rgbs in the middle are 10meters apart and then 9 meters to each side are my BeeGees.... So all in all 28m wide, 4 projectors.
    We had to do this like this, because the hall is basically split in 2 rows of tables. Each having 48 people sitting in them.
    In the middle was an isle towards the stage. So this way we shone (shined?) the lasers over the rows of people. Each giving them a RGB and Beegee to see and to the side they saw the other projectors.

    I went up with 2 25m long ilda cables. One going to my Mathilda feeding the RGB and BeeGees (Green/Blue projectors).
    The other cable 25m long went to michels projector as i had a huge difference in scansize. When projecting a square with both projectors at 100%in projector settings in QS and 50x50% zone setup my projector did a 1mx1m square and michels did a 2mx2m square at the same distance. So i made the zone setup smaller in Michels projector to match mine.

    First show i played was the Tim Berg - Bromance show then i had a small opening speech welcoming the people to our biggest party so far. After 10minutes i asked the organisation if it was OK to do another show.
    I then played 8 Bit trip made by my english friend Rob aka Stanwax. Woaaagh... really blew the roof.
    Unlucky was that the music during the second show had to be turned down due to the permit which didn't allow us to make a lot of noise at that time. But it was still good !

    What a show this was.
    The Unique hazer nicely filled up the hall in 45 minutes ! (50x90x16m high !!)
    805 people present.
    The video Michel shot was at 90meters. The visitors video at around 30meters.

    Will receive some pictures , will put them in an album.

    Thanks to Michel for letting borrow his excellent Edison case projector (latest revision....with the sliding window protector etc), Edison for his continuous support and patience with the blue and VJ Ernst for coming along. Had a great chat.

    And now for some reactions of our viewers........ Let me hear what you think, ideas, suggestions, improvements, compliments ;-) all welcome.
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    looks like we didn't have best place to make a nice videoshot
    the visitor's movie on youtube was cool (he was at the right spot)
    2nd thingy is we learned more about the need of smoke (i mean enough smoke haha)
    It was a very nice experience and we must do a bit better next time

    thanks guys

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    Dimmers, you're a star

    Great Job!, also nice to see the Unique Hazer working so well in a decent sized venue. This should be a lesson for those folks wondering whether or not a Unique Hazer can fill a large venue... Of course it can
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    I see still haven't got rid of the cheesy light-ropes.
    Other than that, Nice job !

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