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Thread: Need a nice power meter?

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    Hey guys and is a chance for someone to get a real deal. This is a Scientech Vector H310 laser power meter for sale with calirometer sensor head. Last official calibration was 04/03. A good friend at a local university had it sent to be tuned with a few of their meters and is now brutally accurate in visible spectrums. I have installed Ni:MH batteries and holds a charge for some time...calculated to over 6 hours of run time before getting down to below 60% levels. Comes ready to work inside carry case and all is there...wall wart, inter connect cable- sensor to head, sensor with factory cover, and the meter itself. It is in like new condition and works flawlessly.
    This is what I have and with specs here... This is a very powerful tool to have and has more capabilities than most will laserists will need.

    I also have a bench-top meter of the similar make and model {S-310} that goes with the mentioned above package. More info here..... The bench meter has a few issues and will need to be investigate the culprit at hand. It does power up after it’s warm up period and responds to inputs...but not accurate by any means. It may just be an issue with “talking” to this sensor with the hand-held unit. I have not tried to “marry” the sensor with this meter...and may be all that is needed. Both these are fantastic meters with a bench-top meter for experimentation. So you get a complete H-310 hand-held system and a working bench-top meter that probably just needs a sensor that can be “mated with” electronicly. I am asking $400 for the system as described above with all the goods and shipping fees. I will ship as instructed {carrier and insurance} to wherever you are located at cost. PM me if interested. Shown measuring a 50 mw 532nm laser. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	28277 Pic in center is just after power up and is calibrating itself...normal ops. for it.
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