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Thread: Thank you DJMatt!

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    Default Thank you DJMatt!

    Hey everyone! If any of you are going to do business with DJMatt, I *Highly-recommend* him.
    He is knowledgeable,courteous, generous, and knows what hes doing.
    I did a trade of some lasers with him & the man, despite his schedule, made time to pack and ship these lasers for me.
    A big *thank you* to DJMatt for helping me get one step further into this crazy addiction called ion-lasers.
    Will there be three phase!!!!

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    Well thank you!!!!
    And this goes out to Vidal Wolf!!
    Great guy to work with!!! Perfect!!!
    So with that, if your looking for someone who does what they say they are going to do...right here!!!!
    Ion Laser Ministry
    "Laserist for Christ"

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