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Thread: LASERWORLD RS-800 RGY Modificatioin to RGB Help!

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    Default LASERWORLD RS-800 RGY Modificatioin to RGB Help!

    Ok, converting my laserworld to rgb. It originally had a cube optic with two red laser diodes. I now have a 400mw Blue and a 500mw red I wish to install of the place of the two reds. Will the existing cube work for this or do I need different optics? Also I am worried about blowing my new blue diode up due to improper grounding. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks

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    You need a dichroic filter to joint red and blue together (your case you need: pass red and reflect blue dichro).
    A PBS cube (the cubic optic which you wrote) is used to joint two same wavelength lasers or wavelengths very close between them(example 642/638nm or
    650/650 ...). If you use that PBS cube you do not obtain the right color (purple) because their wavelengths are too far between them (blue=445 or 473nm; red= 635/638/640 or 650nm) and you also could damage one or both laser module because direct reflection.

    Take a look here...

    Just for record... take the other dichro mounting off from the baseboard. Let change it. That kind of mounting+dichro filter are a real huge crap. I now this for sure bacause I had the same projector of your. I become crazy to allign colors ....
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