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Thread: Need some current ratings?

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    Default Need some current ratings?

    Hey guys, I just recently pulled the diodes from a picoprojector. They appear to be 3.8mm diodes, as expected, and they have beautiful single mode beam profiles!

    The problem is, I'm not really sure what current I should be running them at. The red doesn't seem to start lasing until 60mA. It's rated for 90mW. I've accidentally fed it 220mA, and it gets hot very quickly, but hasn't died.

    The blue seems to lase OK at 30mA, but it's rated for 50mW, so I have a feeling it could go a bit higher.

    Could someone possibly give me some max currents for a 90mW 640nm diode and a 50mW 445nm diode?

    EDIT: Just looking thru the Opnext datasheets, it looks like this diode might be the HL6367DG? In which case, it says 80mA threshold (Makes sense it didn't start at 50mA, but did at 90mA), but they also say 150mA typical. If it survived on 220mA, 150mA seems reasonable to me?

    EDIT: Looks like the blue might also be a HL45023TG? In which case, they are recommending 5V at 90mA. Just want to know if these values seem sane

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    Hi Dan,

    Those numbers sound about right to me.


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