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Thread: I need one of these

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    Default I need one of these

    leading in trailing technology

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    Awesome - thanks for sharing

    Doc's website

    The Health and Safety Act 1971

    Recklessly interfering with Darwinís natural selection process, thereby extending the life cycle of dim-witted ignorami; thus perpetuating and magnifying the danger to us all, by enabling them to breed and walk amongst us, our children and loved ones.

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    I was at that launch good stuff, Was also a beer keg to be flown but those guys drank all the beer got drunk and tossed the motor in the fire! The was out for this launch too. Not sure if he posts here. But that was the first time I had seen one of these 445nm 1+ watt pointers that are all over the place now. His lasers would ignite the solid propellant no troubles. Rocket guys do some fun stuff when the sun goes down and the drinks flow.

    Here is a good shot of what could have been the first death in amateur rockets.
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