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Thread: New Fire panel laws in NSW Australia

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    Default New Fire panel laws in NSW Australia

    Most Australians would have heard about the Nursing home fire that killed 11 people. Well since then a memo has been sent out to all venues stating that if Police or licencing police see any isolated areas on the fire panel they will evacuate the building.

    Yesterday we bumped in for a gig where we were doing lasers and lights. We couldn't use smoke because they wouldn't let us isolate the area they wouldn't even allow us to turn the area to thermal only. No haze, Smoke no nothing. The manager asked if i had a misting machine she would allow me to use it LOL yea because i always carry a misting machine around with me.

    Have any other Aussies come across this? is it only in NSW?

    A few others i know have had the same deal.

    I cant see it lasting to long but in the interim it is rather annoying.

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    Yes, this is going to become a real issue. The old knee-jerk response is strong.

    I don't have any suggestions.
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    Make sure your contracts cover these sorts of eventualities is my advice
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    You are using Bonetti's defense against me, ah?

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