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Thread: Has anybody ordered from Canton Lasers?? Link inside

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    Default Has anybody ordered from Canton Lasers?? Link inside

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    Hi Astro..

    I bought a set about six months ago. 35k for 499.00 including power supply, 2 driver boards, cables and DMX controller board. I haven't connected them up yet as I am having problems with Mamba Black.

    The driver boards and Scanners are supposed to be tuned for optimal performance at the factory. They come with matching serial numbers.

    I'll let you know as soon as I get it all sorted out.

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    I had reached a deal with those guys for a set of 30K scanners with power supply and amplifiers for $250. They wanted me to wire the money to them so I chickened out. Seemed too good to be true and I have heard a lot of people end up getting ripped off when they wire money.

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    about the only way to deal with 90% of chinese manufactures directly is via wire. It sucks and money can get lost in a pithole if there translation is bad when they give you there bank info. Have them confirm the info twice or three times.

    I have not dealt with canton so I can not vouce for them with the wire though

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    I bought my scanners on E-bay, it was a good experience. He also sells the set on his website:

    I didn't get any type of instruction manual, and the seller wasn't able to help me out, except for a wiring diagram he posted on the website. Still not enough info, it took me a while to locate the manual on-line. In my research (from everything I can tell) they seem to be a reputable manufacturer and one of China's largest Galvo producers. I am not sure if they supply any other companies. To be honest if I had it to do over again I would have bought from Dave and Aijji at lasershow parts or maybe the DT-40's.


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    Default Canton Laserphoto

    I bought a set of 30ks of them in November. The person I dealt with was Darry, and he was pretty efficient and polite. My only problem was that I wired the money to him and the bank in China slapped another $40 fee on the transaction at his end - which he didn't realise until he'd already shipped the galvos. My bank will only allow transfers of minimum AUD$100, and charges $25 per transaction, so I told him that I was prepared to pay the shortfall via Paypal (and wear the Paypal fees) but I wasn't going to pay him $105 to discharge a $40 fee (thinking that there was every chance his bank would slap some other arbitary fee on the transaction and that the whole thing would drag on even further).

    He accepted this and I made the payment.

    I have no complaints about the Darry or the galvos, but I think in many cases, for small orders, you may well be better off getting someone who has the money stuff sorted (Dave being one) to take care of it. I bought a 473nm through Dave and ended up getting it, delivered, for less than the company reps were quoting me at the factory door - and that's before going through the foreign exchange stuff.

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