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Thread: Constructing a 1W 445nm TTL module

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    Question Constructing a 1W 445nm TTL module

    Hi all,

    I am modding an 'el-cheapo' chinese RGB laser system and am looking to add a TTL blanked 445nm diode.

    I already have a 445nm diode + driver in aixiz module tuned to +-1000mW that I mounted on a large heatsink with a TEC so heat issues are no problem
    (I did'nt have a fancy TEC driver yet so used a thermistor that activates the TEC when module reaches >40C :blush: )
    for the driver I was thinking about the 1W o-like TTL driver (LINK and image LINK)

    My question is: can I connect the power leads of my existing module (diode+driver) to the output of the above mentioned TTL driven driver OR is that driver meant to connect directly to a bare LD?


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    Since it reads "diode driver" I would think that it would be a direct connection to the LD. Might wanna shoot o-like an email just to be sure ..

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